PeerReview Pro

About PeerReview Pro

Add authenticity to your classroom by incorporating peer feedback as an instructional tool. PeerReview Pro works with Google Classroom to organize and randomly distribute student work to as many as 3 of peers or mentors. The feedback is collected in a Google Sheet, where the teacher can easily forward the comments to the intended student. Options include:

  • Make it anonymous – Would it boost learning if they did not know who they are giving to or receiving feedback from? Maybe.. it’s an option available to you in PeerReview Pro.
  • Multiple filetypes – If students can attach it to a Google Classroom assignment, it can be used in PeerReview Pro. Up to 5 docs, slides, images or videos (or more) can be sent to their peers for feedback.
  • Assign feedback to anyone in your domain – Imagine AP honors students mentoring freshmen, or a group of teachers sharing the workload of assessing the 6th grade practice writing test.
  • Sending reminder emails to students who are behind in their feedback assignments.
  • Include a rubric of your choosing.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Have your students complete an  assignment in Google Classroom. If you are wanting the feedback to be anonymous, be sure that all students “turned in” their work.
  2. Open a fresh Google Sheet and if you have not yet done so, install the PeerReview Pro Add-on through the Google Store.
  3. In the Add-ons menu, hover over “PeerReview Pro” and select “Open”
  4. The first step is to “Import an Assignment”. Follow the on-screen prompts to do so. This will import a list of students, their work, and randomly assign reviewers to each assignment. If the option for anonymous feedback is selected, the name of the document will be changed to mask the student’s name. This step takes about 5 minutes for every 100 students in your list. It is recommended to keep your browser window open, but if it is closed, or runs incompletely, select “Continue Import” from the sidebar.
  5. Before the reviewers are notified, you will have a chance to look over the list. If you wish to re-run the list, select “Re-Assign the Reviewers” in the sidebar. When you are ready, select the option to “Notify the Reviewers”.
  6. Have your students check their email. They will have one email for every assigned review and each will include a link to the student submission and another link to a form to give their feedback. If the submission supports comments, you may allow students to leave comments directly on the doc, but these will not be anonymous.If you need to send a reminder to any student who has not submitted feedback, select “Notify the Reviewers” again from the sidebar menu. Students who have submitted feedback will not receive a notification.
  7. When you are ready to forward the feedback to the intended student, select this option in the sidebar. Each student will receive an email with the feedback from their peers and a link to their work.

How many students can be included?

Google limits the number of emails sent every 24 hours, so here are a few recommendations:

  • 3 Reviews? 400 student limit.
  • 2 Reviews? 800 student limit.
  • 1 Review? 1000 students (Google Classroom limit)

PeerReview Pro is free and always will be, and your student’s data is stays safe in the Google Sheet. We love feedback, too.