Asteroid Mining

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How might we propose a plan to mine an Asteroid?


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Planetary Resources

Rare Earth Economy

Can we summarize how important Rare Earth metals are to economic health of our country?

What is An Asteroid?

Can we outline the different types of “big rocks” floating around in the Solar System and explain how each might be potentially useful on Earth?

(Big) Rocket Science

Let’s calculate the size of a rocket that could carry 1 Ton to Mars and return with a 10 tons of material.

Mining in 0 Gravity

Can we summarize the issue posed by mining in zero gravity and some of the potential solutions?

Fuel from Outer-Space

Can we outline the steps it takes to break down water into fuel and generalize how this might be possible in Space?

Potential Target Asteroids

Can we give examples of Asteroids that would be good targets for a mine and discuss any benefits or challenges posed by these particular Asteroids?

Asteroid Mining Spacecraft

Let’s illustrate what a Deep-Space Asteroid Mining Spacecraft would look like and explain how each component serves a purpose to the mission.

Asteroid Mining

How might we propose a plan to mine an Asteroid?

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