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How might we support learners with technology for collaboration?


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Collaboration Gone Google

Collaborate for Deeper Understanding

Classroom Space

Can we give examples of changes that we could make to our classroom layouts and the positive effect they can have on student collaboration?

Coaching Student Relationships

Can we identify or outline some strategies to help students collaborate?

Interpersonal Relationships

Let’s breakdown the steps that Sheldon and friends took to arrive to a decision and make a determination on how their personal relationships played a role in their decision making process?

Collaboration Inside Google Docs

Can we give examples of how G Suite (Google Apps) has (or could) help students collaborate in a digital space?

Peer Feedback

Can we recognize the purpose and outline techniques for meaningful peer feedback?

Assessment and Teacher Feedback

Can we defend the practice of assessing the group outcome?

Concurrent Editing

Let’s breakdown how the Google Document in the video scaffolds the collaboration process.


How might we support learners with technology for collaboration?

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