Get Connected!

For Professional Development
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How might we to develop Personal Learning Networks?


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Connected Educators

Social Media for PLNs 101

Can we defend the purpose of connecting with other educators online?

Hashtags and Twitter Chats

Can we outline a simple strategy to connect with other educators using Twitter?

Professionalism and Student Privacy

Can we state a few simple rules for teachers to use Social Media with professionalism while respecting student privacy (FERPA)?

The Power of Social Media

Let’s infer how a community of educators would change their classroom when they connect with other educators through Social Media.

Digital Tools for Content Curation

Can we select digital tools that might best fit your needs to curate digital content for your learners?

Google Plus Communities

Local, State and Regional Conferences

Local, State and Regional Conferences

Lurk No More!

Let’s examine the effect of connecting online by either 1) participating in a Twitter Chat or 2) Asking and responding to a question related to classroom instruction on an appropriate Google Plus community.

Get Connected!

How might we to develop Personal Learning Networks?

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