Spark Suite Add-ons

Coming December 7, 2017

A new single Spark Suite Add-on.  This means a streamlined process of setting up the core function of providing feedback and adding the optional features like badging and project organization.

The Two You Need

Spark Hub Use once to connect teachers and learners and manage the learning process.
Spark Deck Use for each instructional unit created with the Spark Cards.


The Others You Want

Leaderboard Calculates and displays a leaderboard sorted by point total.
Badges Displays a point total and badges/awards to a user. Also can include project status.***
Feedback Hero Will list every submission assigned to a mentor or teacher that is waiting for their feedback.***
Project Tracker Will display a table for every project with a list of students and their progress.
Community Builder Promote leadership and excellence by displaying the best student submissions for each Guiding Question or Statement.

For a full summary, view our blog post, Spark Suite Add-ons for G Suite.

***Google Apps Script that you can quickly and easily make a copy, customize, and publish.

Recipes for Independent Learning

Combine the different parts of Spark Suite to suite your needs.

Just basic “feedback management”? —> Spark Hub + Deck

Many projects for many learners (Passion Projects and Genius Hour) —> Spark Hub + Deck + Feedback Hero + Project Tracker

Competition or Open Project Initiative —> Spark Hub + Deck + Feedback Hero + Project Tracker + Leaderboard + Badges + Community Builder