Spark Suite FAQ & Support

Spark Suite is a Passion Project for us. Our goal is to demonstrate how learning changes when students and teacher/mentors focus their energy away from content and project management and into the iteration/feedback cycle. Although we have limited availability for support, we would absolutely love to hear your questions and comments! Check below to see if your question has already been answered, and use this form to give us feedback on Spark Suite.

Why 6+ Add-ons to do one thing?

Only the Hub and Deck Add-ons are necessary. You will only need one hub, and it can host any number of projects. Keeping the projects in separate sheets makes it easier to organize in Google drive, and add more projects to the initiative after the initial launch. This is especially helpful when several teachers come together to form an initiative.

The optional Add-ons are very simple to activate use. They were separated out from the Spark Hub partially because of the limitations that Google places on what a single sheet can do, but for practical reason too. For example, the Leaderboard is shared to everyone who wants to see the point totals. If it was built into the Spark Hub, it would expose information that might be considered inappropriate to share. Spark Badge and Feedback Hero are not Add-ons, but scripts that feed off data in the Spark Hub and make it easier to visualize.